DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Grandparents' Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

If I had known grandchildren were this much fun -
I would have had them first!

Grandparent's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day.  I didn't want to repeat everything from the Mother's Day and Father's Day sections here so I picked out the activities I thought would be best for grandparent's day.  Feel free to check out the other sections if you don't find something you like here.

coloring pages for grandma

Coloring Pages (posters) for Grandma

coloring pages for grandma

Coloring Pages (posters) for Grandpa

tiger bookends

Crafts for Grandma and Grandpa

doorknob hanger
doorknob hanger

Doorknob hangers

emoji flash cards

Emoji Translation Flash Cards

gift bags

Gift Bags

card to grandpa 

Greeting Cards for Grandparent's Day(custom printable)

I'm a Little Teapot Craft

I'm a Little Teapot Paper Craft

preschoolers and up

grandparent's day muffin flower card

Muffin Cards for Grandparents

PACKET GIFTS are fun sayings
that go with the items listed.
A fun way to give these
"Packet Gifts"
is to put them in a cute bag,
a decorated box,
vase, flower pot,
purple people eater *grin*, etc

Packet Gifts for Grandparents

Soccer frame

Paper Plate Medals Craft

Soccer frame

Picture Frame Templates

(originally made for Father's Day, these can by used for grandparents too!)

preschoolers and up

writing paper
writing paper

Writing Paper