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Fingerpaint Butterfly Craft

Fingerpaint Butterfly I discovered this adorable craft at a childrens play group in the park. It was a butterfly theme that week because the wildflowers were in bloom and the butterflies were fluttering around and collecting nectar.

This is a really simple craft that turns out beautifully. It is great for children of all ages or adults that want to get back to their youth and enjoy some fingerpainting! Just make sure to put some paper towel or newspaper on your workspace because it can get awfully messy... *grin*

You can get as creative as you want with the shape and size of your butterfly (you could use a normal piece of paper cut in half like me or a large piece of poster paper for a giant butterly!).

Explore all of different colours you can use; older children might like to use all primary or all secondary colours. I love the way that folding the paper in half to create the butterfly makes the paint blend and smear together.




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