bugs craft

bugs craft

bugs craft

DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Buzzing Bugs Paper Plate Craft

You can mix and match all the different templates and paint your paper plate to represent any color flower you like.   There is a handprint option!

Once your craft is complete, you'll have a number of figures that you can buzz around your paper plate.  Because we use a brass brad to attach the templates, the children will be able to spin their bugs around their flowers.


Viewer Suggestion:  instead of a paper plate, trace a plate onto a piece of cardboard or poster board and use that as the center of the project.




Bumblebee template           (color)    or   (B&W)

Butterfly template                (color)    or   (B&W)

Dragonfly template            (color)    or   (B&W)

Fly template                         (color)    or   (B&W)

Ladybug template              (color)    or   (B&W)


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