caterpillar to butterfly craft

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Caterpillar to Butterfly Craft

contributed by Leanne Guenther

Thanks to Debbie for sharing her craft idea!

This is a simple three dimensional craft that is easy and fun for children to make and play with.   Older children can cut the toilet paper rolls in half for more "joints" in their caterpillar (this is what we did in our photo).  Younger children will want to leave the toilet paper rolls whole as it can be tough to cut them.

Helpful hint from Debbie:
We did this as a group activity in Sunday School with children age 2-4. The theme was “Live a new life for Jesus.” First, we painted our wings to allow time to dry in the oven.  Then we did the caterpillar, read a story (which allowed the caterpillars to dry) about a caterpillar that became a butterfly and finished the project.  The kids loved watching their caterpillar become a butterfly when we added the wings.





Butterfly wings:
   Caterpillar becomes a Butterfly:

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