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Coffee Filter Angel Craft

coffee filter angelcontributed by Leanne Guenther

Coffee filter 'coloring' is something I really enjoy doing.  The kids always have to beat me off so they get a chance to color the filters too *blushes*.  The dark edges just sort of happen on their own -- the water wicks the color to the edge to create this pretty effect.

This is one of those crafts that's really simple for little kids (toddlers and preschool) but remains fun as you get older.


Note:  You can complete this project using food colouring instead of washable markers.  However!  I find this option to be very messy so would not do it with young children (if they get food colouring on their clothing you won't be able to get it out).  I would only use this option with children over age 10 and even then would want a good amount of supervision and old clothes to be worn.


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