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Painting with Bubbles

painting with bubbles

Bubbles are so fun to play with; blowing bubbles in the air, blowing bubbles in your chocolate milk... But did you know you could paint with bubbles too? Painting with bubbles is so much fun for all ages and to do as a group.


Instructions for making the Bubble Paint Solution: 

  1. Mix all 3 ingredients together. Liquid sugar is the best kind to use -- something like corn syrup. If you don't have liquid sugar, lemon juice works too.
  2. Don't stir or shake too much!
  3. Split the solution into several small bowls.
  4. Add some water soluble paint (I like to use tempera paints but acrylics work too). The more paint you add and the darker the colour, the easier the bubble paint will show up.

Instructions for Painting with bubbles: 

  1. Place a straw in the bubble paint solution and cover the mouth of the bowl with a piece of plain paper.
  2. Blow through the straw so that the bubbles blow all the way up to the piece of paper.
  3. Continue doing this with the different colours until your piece of paper is painted to your liking.
  4. Lay the paper on a flat surface to dry.

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