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Cherry Earrings

cherry earrings

These cherry pom-pom earrings are fun to make and wear. This craft is easy for grade school children to participate in or to try on their own with adult supervision.


Instructions for ONE earring (with images): 

  1. Make sure you have:
  2. red pom-poms

    two red pom-poms (any size)

    green thread and sewing needle

    a sewing needle and thin green thread or string

    cherry earring hooks

    two earring fish hooks

  3. Thread one end of your string through the sewing needle, making a U-shape, and match then tie the one end of the thread to the other.
  4. threading needle
    threading needle
    threading needle
    threading needle
    threading needle
  5. Take your new thread and needle combo and shove it through one red pom-pom to the end of the knot.
  6. cherry earring image instructions
  7. Thread the same string through your earring hook.
  8. cherry earring image instructions
  9. Tie to the earring hook's loop at a desired length. Keep in mind: this is where your first cherry will hang from!
  10. cherry earring image instructions
  11. Thread your second cherry through to a desired length.
  12. cherry earring image instructions
  13. Tie a double-knot to hold the second cherry in place.
  14. cherry earring image instructions
  15. Repeat once more for a pair of earrings, and experiment with length, size of string and pom-poms, and colour scheme for more earring ideas!
  16. cherry earrings


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