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Johnny Appleseed Song

by Marji Hazen.  

Johnny Appleseed plantin' apples on the land.
The Lord led him out west just to give the folks a hand.
We still remember though he's long long gone
The first Ohio orchard man, Appleseed John.

He walked the forest pathways with a bag of apple seeds
Plantin' for the settlers to supply their apple needs.
Said he didn't need no thanks and he didn't need no pay,
Just a rest beside the fire and he'd be on his way.

Johnny was a friend to all, Indian and white.
He'd plant his trees and rest a spell and share a friendly bite.
Johnnycake and pemmican to him were all the same.
"The good Lord made us all," said John, "and Glory to His Name."

When Greentown burned and Copus died John heard the Indians say,
"We got to head for Mansfield, drive the settlers away."
Johnny took off running to Mount Vernon with no shoes.
For Colonel Kratzer's soldiers there was no time to lose.

John left at dusk a'prayin'.  At sunrise soldiers came
Sayin' John had sent "em on ahead "counta he'd gone kinda lame.
The soldiers saved the blockhouse and the blockhouse saved the town.
Johnny was the hero. Mr. Graham wrote it down.

John just went on a'plantin' trees and paid his fame no mind,
Said, "When I'm called up yonder, I'd rather leave some apple trees behind."
His orchards kept the pioneers in schnitzen and in pies
And dumplings and a hundred other appleful delights.

The Reverend John would speak his faith whenever he was asked
And with herb teas and poltices he'd meet the healer's task.
He'd often stop and plant a tree for settlers he would find
Just startin' up a homestead.  They'd say, "John, you're mighty kind."

Towns and roads and people came and Johnny moved on west
To Fort Wayne town and thereabouts.  He took the very best
Of his Ohio appleseeds on out to In-di-ann.
"Wherever settlers go, I'll plant," said John, the apple man.

John Chapman rests now in Fort Wayne.  His good news straight from Heaven
And his apple trees have born their fruits times many more than seven,
And in October's apple time in country and in town,
Each cider press and apple pie's a legacy from John.


(Thanks to Hailey for sending this in!)