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Bullet Journal Ideas

contributed by Kaitlyn Guenther

Bullet Journal IdeasJournaling has always been something I am interested in. When I was younger I would try to write the normal journal entry, "Dear Diary..." and so on. I'd usually give up on it after a couple of weeks because I got bored. When I was a teenager I started journaling with photos and paintings; it was much more creative—almost like a scrapbook.

I recently discovered bullet journalling and it revolutionized my journalling style! It is fun and creative, but not too time consuming. You can use your journal to record lists, to write entries every day or some days, or even to make graphs.

Below I've given information and instructions on some of my favourite bullet journalling ideas and how you can make a creative bullet journal to suit your unique journalling needs!

Gratitude Lists:

I often find that journalling helps me reflect on the day or the week and put my thoughts together. I like to use that time to focus on the good rather than the bad, so I like to include gratitude lists into all of my journals.

To Do Lists:

I'm not a huge fan of to-do lists because they tend to feel relatively messy, but with bullet journals creating to do lists is very effective. I don't make to-do lists everyday, but if there is something that is causing me lots of stress a to-do list really helps to get my thoughts in order.


Goal Pages:

My goal pages are like to-do lists except focused on one topic. I like to add a creative twist to each of my goal pages to give myself an extra sense of accomplishment when I work towards achieving that goal!

Bullet Journal Ideas: Goal PagesTIP: Use a bookcase for the visual representation of a "Books to Read" page.

Bullet Journal Ideas: Goal PagesTIP: Use popcorn or a movie real for the visiual representation of a "Movies to Watch" page.

Bullet Journal Ideas: Goal PagesTIP: Use a map, flags, or a camera for the visual representation of a "Places to See" page.

Bullet Journal Ideas: Goal PagesTIP: Use notes or a piggy bank for the visual representation of a "Money to Save" page.


Weekly Tracking:

I have a very busy schedule and can't make a seperate, ellaborate page for each day, so I set aside time each week to make a weekly tracking page. Then everyday I spend a small amount of time keeping track of things like my steps, the amount of water I drink, or just general things that I did that week.

TIP: Use a different theme for each week to add a creative flare!

TIP: If something on your weekly tracking page isn't useful, don't be afraid to make changes. It might take a few weeks to find a system that works for you!


Daily Entries:

I like to set aside some space to write down my thoughts in the tradtional journalling fashion. Just like with my weekly tracking pages I set aside time each week to create a fun page devoted to daily entries. Then each night I spend five or ten minutes writing down my thoughts.

TIP: Bring the weekly theme into these pages as well to create a link between the daily entry pages and the weekly tracking pages (in the examples, my pages were all ocean themed!).


Weekly Meal Planning:

I go grocery shopping about once a week for all of the things that I will need for my meals. Incorporating a meal plan into my bullet journal helps me to plan ahead and get excited about cooking.

TIP: For younger kids who might not cook a dinner, they can use the meal planning idea to help plan their school lunches and snacks or even breakfasts for the week.

TIP: If you use sticky notes to plan the weekly meals and write out the shopping list then you only have to organize the layout page once and you can reuse the same page each week.

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