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Lost Tooth Pillow

Lost tooth pillowMy oldest daughter Tasha has always wanted "someplace neat" to put her lost teeth... she's always worried the Tooth Fairy won't find them.

Sherri sent in this idea the other day and I put it together right away.  Tasha was absolutely tickled and her little sister Kaitlyn can't wait to lose some teeth so she can use it too.

The project requires either sewing or hot glue skills.  A child of age 7 or so could do the project with adult supervision.  Younger children can help stuff the project and would love to receive it as a gift from an older sibling, parent or grandparent.

You could put in rice instead of stuffing to make this more of a "bean bag tooth" than a pillow.



  • Put a line of glue on the sides of the pocket and fold up  (or stitch the pocket).
  • Glue or sew the piece of velcro onto the triangle and where the triangle meets the pocket so the pocket will hold shut when the tooth is inside.
  • Glue or sew the mouth, pocket, arms and eyes onto one of the tooth pieces  (you can do this at the end after stuffing if you prefer)...  If I'm sewing, I tend to do it first, if I'm gluing I tend to do it after stuffing.
  • Put the two tooth pieces together and either sew them or hot glue them, leaving a space at the top to add stuffing.  Leave the face showing (we won't be turning this project inside out).
  • If you're hot gluing, do a 2 to 4 inch section at a time (so the glue doesn't harden on you).  
    • The less experienced you are with hot glue, the shorter the section should be.
    • I usually have my daughter use a popsicle stick to press pieces together without getting any of the heated glue on her skin...  I just use my fingers.
    • My 9 year old daughter has been able to use my "low temp craft glue gun" with supervision for a couple of years.
  • Stuff the tooth with pillow stuffing, cotton balls or even crumpled up toilet paper.  Make sure to push it down into the bottom
  • Hot glue or sew the opening of the tooth


Template 1

Template 2


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