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Pirate Treasure ChestPirate's Treasure Chest Craft

contributed by Leanne Guenther

If you are doing this craft for a party, you may wish to pre-do up to Step 3.  CLICK HERE to see a full sized photo of the craft.  Close the photo window when done viewing.




 Treasure Chest template  color  or  B&W

 Key template                      color  or  B&W


Thanks so much to Tamara and William for sharing this template with us.  William figured that you can't have a treasure chest without a key so Tamara made him one and forwarded the templates to us!

Thanks to Vickie for sharing her idea!

We are going on vacation and we get small toys and beach things and put in a box.  Last time the men went out at night and dug a place and buried it in the sand and the boys had such fun finding the treasure map (complete with Bible verse so they will find the real treasure) and finding the X marked in the sand and digging up the 'treasure'.  We put in extra stuff for the other children who come around.

Thanks to Caryn for sharing her alternative!

For the pirate chest, we used an old diaper wipe box and double-side-taped on the templates - very simple for a 4-year-old!


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