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rainbow paper craft
Rainbow Paper Craft

This is a great craft for reinforcing a lesson on circles or on the fraction "half".  A big thanks to one of our viewers for contributing this idea!


rainbow craftInstructions:


Cut out two identical cloud shapes as large as possible from white paper (you can use the template we've provided).  Staple or lace all the way around the outside, leaving a small space at the top.  Stuff the cloud with crumpled newspaper or cotton balls and staple the rest of the way.

Punch a hole in the center, top of the cloud and tie a string.  This will be used to hang from the ceiling.

Punch a hole in the center bottom of the cloud (if using one rainbow) or at various places along the bottom of the cloud if using more than one rainbow.

Punch a hole in the center top of the rainbow and use a string to hang it on the cloud.


Cloud Template


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