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Homemade Bubble and Bubble BlowersHomemade Bubbles and Bubble Blower

Materials Needed for Bubbles: 

Materials Needed for Bubble Blower: 

Bubble Blower FunInstructions for Bubbles: 

Mix all 3 ingredients together. Liquid sugar is the best kind to use -- something like corn syrup. If you don't have liquid sugar, lemon juice works too.

Don't stir or shake too much!

Store in a sealed container.  Lasts forever (we've always used it up without ever having any trouble with it going bad).

Instructions for the Bubble Blower: 

Tape the holder to the straw.

Pour bubbles into bowl or pan.

Dip into bubbles and twirl around. Makes LOTS of BIG bubbles.

You can cut the pop can holder ring thing into two 2's (the middle 2 will be wasted) and make two (I have two kids... Can you tell *grin*)



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