DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Transparent Paper

Tamara and Geri both wrote in to tell us what she did to make some coloring pages look transparent.

Have the kids color a picture with crayons.  They can color dark or light - it doesn't matter but darker tends to look better. Coloring pages with heavy black lines also come out a little better.

I am experimenting away with oil, etc to see what I can do. The oil looks good, but I cannot get it to dry.... 

...after I left the cooking oil on for awhile it dried fine, so that is what we used.  You can make colors transparent with a VERY thin coat of cooking oil.  I applied with a paintbrush, and taped to the window to dry.  I would not recommend taping to a wall in case it discolors the paint, but its perfect for on windows.   

Thanks guys!