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Spaceship collage craftSpace Collage Craft

contributed by Leanne Guenther

Dinosaurs and spaceships seem to be two things that span all generations.  My kids are as fascinated by outer space as I was at my age.  Take some time to talk about some of the great historical moments in space travel or about what's happening currently.  This is a great craft to make before taking a trip to Florida (insert wistful sigh)!







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space dioramaTasha's Space Diorama

Here is a picture of the space diarama that Tasha made in grade 6.   Tasha painted a shoe box black and then painted stars on the inside.  After cutting a large styrofoam ball in half she covered it with plasticine to make the moon and set that inside the shoe box.  Using Sculpy clay that requires baking she created two astronauts, a spaceship and a little Earth.  The Earth was hung from the top corner of the open box using a little bit of black thread.