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Paper Strip Hot Air Balloon Craft

Paper strip hot air balloon craftContributed by Leanne Guenther

This simple hot air balloon craft is a great project for young children practicing making patterns (one orange, one blue, etc) and beginner scissor skills (cutting out the paper strips).

You could make the project a bit more challenging by asking them to make more complex patterns -- like patterns using three colours. You can also make themed balloons -- like red, white and blue ones. My preference is to let the kids make up their own rules for this craft though!



I'm a Little Balloon (tune of I'm a Little Teapot)

I'm a little balloon - look at me!
oh what color can I be?

If you said that I was
colored _______ (a color that you used to decorate your balloon)
then stand right up and shout _______ ! (something that rhymes with the color - it can be silly)

so, for example, if you used blue the last two verse might be:

If you said that I was
colored blue
then stand right up and shout YAHOO !


Here are some color rhyming words to start you off:

blue - yahoo!

red - Yay, Fred!

yellow - hey, hello!

grey - hurray!

green - and scream!

purple - Not Flurple!

orange -- oh my goodness, nothing rhymes with orange! *giggle*



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