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Egg Carton Dump TruckEgg Carton Dump Truck

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Although children Age 3+ will enjoy playing with this craft, it's a bit fiddly to make so I've rated it Age 5+.


NOTE:  you can't paint styrofoam with tempra paint or washable markers.  It doesn't cover well and it will flake off when it's dry.  Acrylic paint or permanent markers work well, but most of us don't want our kids using them.  The solution I've come up with is to have the girls assemble the craft on day 1.  In the evening, I paint the craft with white acrylic paint (you can buy it for less than $1 at Walmart or the craft store and it will work for  many crafts).  It dries overnight and in the morning the girls can paint over it with tempra paint or color over it with Crayola markers!

Cut three pieces from your egg carton (shown from left to right in the photo):

Cut three pieces from your egg carton.
  1. from the top, cut 1/3 of the egg carton to make the bed of the dump truck
  2. from one side of the bottom, cut the first two cup strip.
  3. from the other side of the bottom, cut the first 6 cup strip.

Egg Carton Dump Truck  



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Keely wrote us because the egg cartons in Australia are a little different than what we use in Canada and wanted to share the modifications.


The way that I made the truck was...

I cut the lid off and cut it in half.  Then, I cut the little flap off and discarded it.  Then you cut two section off the 'egg holders', where the eggs sit.  Flip it upside down, and put the two sections on top of each other on which ever side you want to be the 'cab'.  Put one half of the lid on the back, behind the cab and the other half underneath, to use as the 'tracks'. Glue cab pieces on and the tracks, but not the bucket on the back.  Punch some holes in the bucket and put some string or thread through it, so the kids can lift it up and down, like a real truck.  After it's dry, you can either paint it, or cover it with coloured paper.  Hope you enjoy it!