DLTK's Sites for Kids
Employment Opportunities

In short there are none.

DLTK's Sites for Kids is a group of family run websites.  Just a mom, a dad and a couple of kids (OK...lets be honest...mostly mom *wink*)  working out of their home on a hobby that has grown bigger than we expected.  Other than a few members of our family, we do not have employees or offer any opportunities for employment.

One of my viewers forwarded me an email that they had received  (unsolicited junk mail basically).  This note implied that it had something to do with our website and offered a job to people in the USA.  I suspect they are trying to get money or personal information from people using my website's name *sigh*.

I am stumped as to how to make them (or anyone like them) stop using our name for something we have nothing to do with.

Our concern is that these emails are a total scam and someone is just out there to collect personal information.   The purpose of this page is to let our viewers know that we have not and will not ever be offering an opportunity for employment.  Anyone who claims to represent us and asks you for information or money is being false.

When you are responding or working with strangers via email or the internet please take the time to do some investigating and be sure that the people you are dealing with are who they say they are.  Teach your kids to do the same. 

Gosh, this is frustrating!