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Hi!  I've decided to start posting pictures and scans of some of the great arts and crafts you guys are making.  This is also where I'm storing awards and info about sites made by members (big and small)! 


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Craft Ideas Contributed by Our Viewers

Fan Links

New Site by my sister...  OK, I'm a big sister, so I'm allowed to brag (right?)  *grin*.  My younger sister Michelle has started up a website of her own.   It's about all things 'techy' (of which I know very little) - but I think it looks very professional...  Unlike mine *wink*.

1 Stop Kids Crafts - Michelle is a fellow Canadian that has recently started a website with articles and craft ideas for parents with young children.

April's Daycare - April is one of our long-time viewers and has some great theme ideas plus links to other resources she finds useful.

Best Kid Crafts.com - Denise says "Kid Crafts Are The Best Way To Take Children From Boredom To Happy In Minutes." 

Child Care Resources, Training and Consultation

First-School.ws - Spanish and English lesson plans for early childhood educators

Flying Ape -  Dennis has created a family oriented website - suitable for people of all ages - containing articles, information, polls, humor and a number of other "fun things".

Fun Books for Kids

KidsRCrafty - French and English lesson printable activities for children

KidZone - My daughter Tasha's site!  (with a bit of help here and there from mom and dad)

Learning about Leonardo - Learning about Leonardo uses critical thinking instructions and multilingual resources to learn about the Mona Lisa, Da Vinci, and more.  Students can create postcards and take quizzes in this interactive site made by high-school students in the Bronx and Sweden.

Makinglearningfun.com - Jo, a long time viewer of the site, took the plunge and started her own.  She's made a terrific start!

Margo's Beadie Critter Collection - if you like making bead crafts, Margo has tons of patterns for you to choose from.  Everything from animals to flags.

MSSS Crafts and Resources for Bible Stories

Songs4Teachers - free song lyrics to familiar tunes -- also huge books of more songs that you can purchase.

SuperSubstituteTeachers.com - an interactive website designed specifically to provide tips, resources and support for substitute and occasional teachers.

This Mom Loves - The author, Kate, says her blog is thoughts, feelings and recommendations from a woman who attempts to maintain the illusion of having it all together.


Craft Ideas Contributed by Our Viewers