FAN ART - Page 40

About a year ago I was searching for an activity for pre-school children to do about owls and I found the big stuffed owl on this site.  I work as a volunteer adviser with an early childhood project in Papua New Guinea.  The aim of this project is to bring early childhood education to children who live in isolated, traditional villages in Madang Province . Madang on the north coast of PNG.  I've been up there four times now and on my last visit, in July 2002 I conducted a workshop with the people from the villages who work with the children (the "aunties" and "uncles") to help them in their work with the children.  These people are not trained but they are people who have offered to work with the children in their own village.

On this last visit we made the owls at the workshop and then the children in one of the villages I visited afterwards also made them and I thought you might like to see the results.  You'll understand that this project has very little money and so the fact that these owls could be made so simply was wonderful.


Thanks to Kathleen for sharing these pictures with us!