FAN ART - Page 95

Blues Clues Cake

"I made the large cake for my Daughter's Jade 5th Birthday.  I found a lot of useful tips by other moms.  The parchment paper made it so much easier to remove the cake from the pan and I was pressed for time so after baking the cakes I put them in the freezer and it saved time allot.  I didn't have to wait a long time for them to cool.  As far as the icing I patted the icing on and then smoothed. Minimal to NO Crumbs.  The eyes were quite easy I used 1 large marshmallow cut it in half and added 1 tiny drop of blue food coloring in the corner.  The holes are where I had the tooth picks for holding up the saran wrap when I transported the cake."

Thanks to Malik for sharing her experience with us!