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Julius, the Dragonborn Fighter

by Griffin Decker

What is this? This feeling of discomfort... like my insides have been made hollow and my blood turned to lead. Is this fear? No. I have fought bigger. Focus on his eyes. His eyes. Two pits of molten rock and fire and death and death and…”

- The final thoughts of Urug, former champion of the Akbash Arena


Poor, starving, and nearly homeless, Julius sought asylum in the Akbash fighting pits. With victory came renown, with renown came gold, and with gold came security. His blood meant a life for his family so he would fight until every drop was a bar of gold. And he did.

For nearly a decade, he was a fearsome champion of the arena. His family now lived the lavish lifestyle that they had always dreamt of. But he fought on.

Outside of the arena, in taverns and churches and shops he fought. He fought until the authorities came to his home and demanded he leave the city. He fought them too. He fought his father when confronted and he fought himself when he decided to leave.

Now he wanders the countryside, a soldier for hire, looking for his next fight. 


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