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Brangiel, the Dwarven Cleric

by Griffin Decker

“Bran! Bran, over here!”
“Little one, what do we have here?”
“See, no more pox! None! Not a spot on me or Kel.”
“You two must be strong, let me seeā€¦”

- A conversation overheard in the slums of Khadar.


Brangiel has devoted her life to Lliira, the goddess of joy. As a young babe, she performed many small “miracles” in her town. Curing disease with a laugh, mending wounds with a hiccough.

She was a rambunctious teen, often causing trouble in an attempt to do good. Many small buildings paid the price so her healings had to be moved outdoors, much to the chagrin of her parents and friends.

As she approached adulthood, her calling became more clear - she wanted to do wide scale charity work. Her passion in this burned hot and bright. On her 30th birthday she donned the silver and gold heavy armor of Lliira and set out to make a change in the world. 


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