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Sonja, the Elven Rogue

by Griffin Decker

Daughter of Shadows, how may we serve?”
“How may we serve?”
“How may we serve?”
“Take light from us and give unto you, so that night may be day”
“For all time and eternity.”
“For all time and eternity.”
“Release us from this prison of light, swathe us in darkness, and become Mother to all.”
“Release us.”
“Release us.” 

- An excerpt from a traditional prayer to Talona, goddess of disease and poison.

“This will not be easy. This will not be over quickly.”
“Are you prepared to give your life for our order or to protect the anonymity of our order?”
“Yes, Mother.”
“It has been 50 years since you have seen the light. Will it startle and blind you?”
“No, Mother.”
“What are you?”
“Shadow, Mother.”
“Can shadow be heard?”
“No, Mother.”
“Can it be felt?”
“No, Mother.”
“Can it be seen?”
“Not without fear, Mother.”
“Go. Return to us when you have brought shadow unto the world.”


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