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Zim-Zalam-Kaboom, the Gnomish Wizard

by Griffin Decker

Giant gobs of magicky magic leapt from his eyes and ears and toes! The women clapped and his enemies cowered when faced with the might and magic and strength and charm and wit and wonder and smile and toned-calves of Zim-Zalam-Kaboom”

- A hastily scribbled edit made by Zim, in a journal about the dangerous use of Enchantment Magic, written by his mentor and friend, Ella.


Zim-Zalam-Kaboom is a hard working, no-nonsense-none-at-all forest Gnome. He attends all of his classes with Ella on time and with a smile. Speaking of which, his smile is infectious and sweet and fairly cute and not-too-toothy, if he says so himself. Did he read a scroll he wasn’t supposed to and is now trapped outside of the Fae surrounded by tall two-legged folk? Maybe. Probably. Yes. He is. Please help. This is definitely not written by Zim and likely written by one of his many admirers. 


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