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Dragon Paper Craft

Dragon paper craft for kidscontributed by Leanne Guenther

This dragon is a simple cut and paste paper craft that is fun for young children to make.  It makes a great project for preschool and kindergarten kids and works well with various fantasy books or a mythology theme -- there are dragons in Chinese, Japanese, English, Welsh, French, Viking and Greek mythology.

When I designed this particular dragon, I had the legend of St. George in mind. St. George was off in search for the Holy Grail when he heard of a dragon that threatened to destroy the land unless he was given a young girl each day. The princess of the kingdom went for her turn to be given to the dragon -- St. George heard about this and decided to go save her. St. George went to defeat the dragon and after a long and difficult battle managed to slay it with his sword, Ascalon.

St. George's Day (the Feast of St. George) is celebrated near Easter (often, on April 23rd) in some countries in Eastern Europe, including Russia.




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