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Paper Bag Turul Craft (Hungarian mythological creature)

Hungary craftsThis Turul is a simple puppet craft that is fun for young children to make.  It makes a great project for preschool and kindergarten kids and works well with various fantasy books or a Hungarian mythology theme.



What is the Turul?

In Hungarian mythology, the Turul is the divine messenger who sits atop the tree of life with the other spirits of unborn children (all in the form of birds).

According to the myth, the Turul appeared in a dream to Emese, wife of Ögyek (descended from Attila the Hun).  It symbolically impregnated her causing a stream of crystal-clear water started to flow from her.  As the water flowed west, it grew into a great river.  This dream signified that her child was going to be the father of a line of great rulers.  After this dream, she gave birth to Álmos, who went on to become the first Grand Prince of the Magyars (Hungarian tribe).

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Get Familiar with Your Paper Bag:

Assemble your puppet:


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