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Rules for Snap!

Snap! is a card game where all of the cards are shuffled and dealt equally to players (a group of 2, 3 or 4 people).  Cards are left in a face down pile in front of each player.

Starting with the youngest player and moving clockwise, each player (on his turn) QUICKLY turns over the top card from his face-down pile and puts it on top of his face up pile.  When someone turns over a card that matches the card on top of another player's face up pile, the players race to be the first to say "Snap!"

The player who says "Snap!" first wins both piles and adds them to the bottom of his face down pile.

If more than one player says "Snap!" at the same time, the two piles are combined into the snap pot.  Whoever wins the first snap wins the whole pot.

The player who wins all the cards (or who has the most cards after a time limit) wins the game.


Snap! is usually played with a regular deck of cards (52 cards) but you can make fun educational games by playing with flash cards.  Just print 2 or 4 sets of the flash cards so you have pairs.


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