Related Links to celebrate Milk Day (Jan 11th):

Milk was delivered in bottles for the first time on Jan 11, 1878

Most popular milk day craft:  dairy duo paper craft  

Here are some additional suggestions (thanks Nina!)

You may want to a visit the Farm Animal section and pay tribute to the cow and goat for giving us milk and dairy products:

Cow Toilet Paper Roll Craft
Goat Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Milk Coloring Page contributed by Jackie from North Carolina:

Some suggested snack activities:

Cheese Tasting: Present new types of cheese for snack.  Edam, Creme Cheese, Gouda, Romano, Parmesan, Cheddar, Farmer's cheese, Feta (from goat milk), etc with crackers, cut in different shapes and drink milk!

Make Fruity Butter: Mix softened butter with different marmelades (apricot, strawberry, etc.) and put on bread or crackers.

A little messy, but a great deal of fun: (I read and implemented this idea from another web site but cannot find the link)  Milk the Cow Activity: On a poster board or section of a carton box draw a big cow (ovals or circles for head and body) and ears (triangles), rectangle legs and tail. Have the children add "cow spots" with brown or black construction paper or color them in. Now the fun part.  Use an old/torn or disposable latex/rubber glove (the ones we use to do housekeeping chores). Make sure is clean and cut the upper portion if its too long. Attach the glove to the cow (a little duck tape works fine), poke small holes on the finger tips of the glove and add a little real milk and allow the children to MILK THE COW! Have a container or small pail to hold the milk.