Rainbow Fish Links

I really love your Rainbow Fish book break, I think it is so much fun and the children learn so much with unforgettable images. Great choice.
This is very nice and more comprehensive, great activities and links for older children.

In the above link the highlights are: the Rainbow Fish Puzzle:

These are some things we did when we read the book during summer time:  For an easier version for even younger children this might also be effective.  I drew a funny looking fish (I am not an artist!) used watercolors (blue, pink, etc.) and had Eric be creative by mixing colors and he "splashed" away with a brush and just loved how it turn out. When it was dry he added glitter glue and glittery stickers I happened to have around and it was a favorite for a long time.  I much prefer your version though!

For an octopus, since Eric was only 2 1/2 we used a paper plate (water colored it as well) and added legs in pastel colors, made a funny face and I boldly numbered each leg 1-8 to practice numbers.  We did the same thing for a jelly fish except we added glitter to the top and colored the plate light blue and used left over ribbons (white and different shades of blue) in different lengths for the "legs" (it was so pretty).  Oh I added a holder ( a piece of yarn) to the top of the plate and my son ran around the house as if
it was a kite

From idea in a site I cannot remember we did a windsock as well for the octopus and it was really good looking and effective.  It would the same idea of what you did with the toilet paper tube only a much bigger version.

Thanks for sharing, if I find any other ideas or links I'll pass them on as soon as possible.