POKEMON ADOPTION CENTER - Miscellaneous Small Animated Images

In order to save these little critters, just right click and chose SAVE AS... to put them on your hard drive Then you can insert them into your web pages or your email notes to your friends.  

Please do not steal my bandwidth (by pulling the images right from my site).  I don't have the time to run around changing file names all the time, so if this does begin to happen, I will simply remove images altogether.  I've already had to do this with some of the small pikachu images.

Small Animated Images (white background)

(sent in by "Dominic")

   (sent in by "Matt")

karp.gif (2873 bytes) likitung_icon.gif (2077 bytes)   animation1.gif (27088 bytes) (sent in by "Sarah")

       (sent in by "Danielle")

aerodactyl_ani.gif (5241 bytes)ekans.gif (4188 bytes)electabuzz.gif (5998 bytes)farfetchd.gif (4766 bytes)growlithe.gif (5629 bytes)kangaskhan.gif (5944 bytes)lickitung.gif (5448 bytes) (sent in by "Sarah")
magmar.gif (5286 bytes)magnemite.gif (3624 bytes)Meowthmoltres.gif (6701 bytes)mrmime.gif (4902 bytes)nidoranf.gif (4879 bytes)  caterpie_ani.gif (3524 bytes) ani_diglett3.gif (1992 bytes) (sent in by "Sarah")