Pokemon Valentine's Day Hunt Directions

OK, here are the directions

First off, people seemed to enjoy the Legendary Birds contest I ran awhile ago, but one "pretty please" I received from a few people was to keep the clues in the Anime sections.  

So for this hunt, all the answers will be either in one of the Anime areas (pokemon, digimon, dragonball z, powerpuff girls and Sailor Moon) or in Valentine's Day (this is a Valentine's Day contest after all).

Each weekend for 4 weeks, I will post a new clue.  Follow the clue to one of Jynx's Lovely Kisses    The kiss will appear at the top-ish right hand corner of the screen.  Click on the lovely kiss image when you've found it and you'll be taken to a secret Pokemon Valentine's Day Hunt page.  On this page you'll find a couple printable goodies (things like coloring pages, posters, bookmarks, crafts, and valentine's day cards come to mind) and the clue's secret code.

Email me back the secret code and I'll keep track of your name.

If you find all 4 secret codes, type them into the main prize form to unlock the main prize page.  On this page there'll be even more printable goodies.  

Any questions?

OK... here's the first clue!