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Great Temple of Rameses II

Source: Dennis Jarvis, CC BY 2.0

Great Temple of Ramses is about 38 meters (125 ft) long and 31 meters (102 ft) high.

The facade of the Temple of Rameses II is dominated by four colossal seated statues (1290-1224 BC) carved out of the cliff face, each 20m (65.6 ft) high and depicting the king, with Nubians carved in the base at his feet. The faces of the statues appear to show Rameses in different stages of his life, although it is thought that the temple was built quite early in his reign. The figures are immense when you are standing at their base looking up at them. Rameses the Great obviously did not want to be forgotten when he built this Nubian Temple.

His mother Tuya, his Chief Wife Nefertari and some of his many children can be seen in smaller scale at his feet. The monument is dedicated to the gods Re-Horakhty, Amun and Ptah, as well as the divine Rameses II himself.

The doorway to the interior is 7 meters (23 ft) high. A statue of Re-Harakhte with the falcon head is in a niche over the entrance.

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