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Themed Jigsaw Puzzles


Puzzle Type Caption Source
HTML5 Andalusian horse Source: Waugsberg, License: CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
HTML5 artwork of a Flamenco dancer Source: artist: Claudio Castelucho (1870−1927)
HTML5 Bull Fighting Source: Wikimedia commons: Tomas Castelazo
JigZone Canary Islands, Spain Source: Wikimedia Commons - photographer Luc Viatour
JigZone Cueva de los Verdes in Spain Source: from Wikipedia photographer Wildfeuer
JigZone El Golfo Beach in Lanzarote, Spain Source: wikicommons - photographer Luc Viatour
HTML5 graffiti of Flamenco Dancers Source: Wikimedia commons: Frank Vincentz
HTML5 Spain Source: Wikimedia commons: Robert Wilkinson
HTML5 Spanish galleon Source: Wikimedia commons: Myriam Thyes
HTML5 Valencia, Spain Source: Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License CC-BY-SA 3