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Themed Jigsaw Puzzles


Puzzle Type Caption Source
HTML5 Canoes Source: Darren Guenther, © used with permission
JigZone Hot air balloons Source: photographer Frank Schulenberg
HTML5 Jeep Source: Jarek Tuszynski
JigZone Kayaks Source: Wikimedia Commons - photographer Luc Viatour
HTML5 King's Cross Railway Station Source: Wikimedia commons
JigZone Motor boat Source: photo by DLTK
HTML5 Motorcycle Source: Dave Wilson, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
JigZone Schooner Source: US Library of Congress
HTML5 Train Source: David Gubler
HTML5 Train in Alaska Source: Leanne Guenther, © used with permission
JigZone US Navy Blue Angels Fat Albert airplane Source: Wikimedia Commons - photographer Jon Zander
JigZone Wooden Boat Source: Microsoft Clip Art Gallery
JigZone Zoom zoom Source: from Wikipedia photographer Bresson Thomas