Bulgar Rolls with Raisins and Onions

Contributed by a Helen.  Thanks for sending this in!

It was a good land, the Bible tells us, that the Children of Israel entered after 40 years of desert wanderings.  Unlike Egypt, The Land was full of brooks and streams, grasses and trees; a land distinguished by fertility, and marked by foods like wheat and barley, essentials for daily life. Vines meant sweet fruit, grape honey, raisins and wine.  Figs were not only food, but medicine.  Pomegranate juice refreshed the thirsty, provided color for dyeing and inspiration for decorations ranging from the Priestly garb to ceramic crafts.  The earth gave forth oil-bearing olives and honey -- the first delicacies of mankind.

Cracked wheat-based Bulgar Rolls could possibly be the precursor of the modern day Kubbeh, popular in Syrian homes throughout the world.  While most kubbeh is made by working the bulgar (usually with meat) until it naturally adheres to itself, this vegetarian version is particularly easy and tasty both as hors d'oevres and main dish material.

Yield: 24 medium-sized rolls 




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