Oreo Turkey Snack

Thanks to Cecilia for sharing in this idea!


  • Oreo cookie
  • Candy Corn
  • Hershey Kiss
  • Green icing
    (or white with green food coloring)
  • Red icing or small piece of red licorice


  • Divide the Oreo into two pieces.  (An adult can do this easily without breaking the cookies by using a sharp knife.).
  • Place four or five pieces of candy corn around the top of the Oreo cookie that has the icing.
  • Place the flat part of the Kiss in the icing at the bottom of the Oreo.
  • Optional:  Add green icing to the other half of the Oreo so the Turkey will 'stand up'.
  • Optional:  Add a touch of red icing or a small string of red licorice to make the waddle.
  • Optional:  Eyes can be added using small pieces of icing or by 'stealing' a little bit of frosting with a toothpick.

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