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Contributed by Jo. Thank-you!

Make these for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Father's Day! Even my 2 month old could do this with supervision. He loved it.

You could use the fingerpainting technique to make a Christmas tree shape or 5 point star

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Fingerpainted Cookies
 • Sugar Cookies
 • Egg whites
 • Food coloring
 • Sprinkles
 1.  We took sugar cookie dough that I purchased out of the refrigerator section at the grocery store. (or
     you can make your own)
 2.  We cut it into 1/4' slices.
 3.  Then we took an egg white and mixed red food coloring in it. (or blue for father's day)
 4.  The kids "fingerpainted" hearts onto the cookies. (make one fingerprint at an angle and then make a
     second fingerprint at the opposite angle)
 5.  Then we lightly sprinkled the cookies with red sprinkles (or blue for father's day).


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