Thanks so much to Cathy Abraham for writing these and giving me permission to use them!

The Gift of the Memorable Child

The child that is my challenge is a gift.
Only he can give me
the gifts of patience, tolerance, and acceptance –
If I let him.

He will be the one to make me into a true Teacher
And challenge my very soul.

I can learn more from this child
Than from much of my college coursework –
If I choose to.

A child is not something that is “broken”
For me to “fix”.
This child comes to me a unique individual
Worthy of love – just as he is.

Will I choose to rise to the occasion?
Or be yet another to throw my hands up?
Do I have it in me to maybe be the one
that can make a difference?
Is he maybe the one
that will make a difference in me?

Will I choose to let him?


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