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apple containerTerra Cotta Pot Apple Container

Use this pot to hold candies, erasers or any other goodies you like.  Makes a great gift for teachers!  

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Materials for the Apple Container:

Paints for the Apple Container:

Acrylic paints work best for this project, though you can use tempra (poster) paints.  Acrylic paint doesn't come out of clothes.  If you get it on something, wash IMMEDIATELY (before it dries)

When the girls were younger, I'd basecoat a bunch of pots with white acrylic paint (and sometimes even leftover gray fence paint *grin*) and then let them paint over top of that with poster paints.  The terra cotta color is tough to cover with poster paints.  By basecoating white, it makes the process go better for them.

Instructions for the Apple Container:

Print friendly version of these instructions