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What is Thinking Day Action Story

Print the templates so you can do this activity with your group.  If using the B&W version you may with to go through and highlight the action words before you do it with the group.

What is Thinking Day activity instructions  (B&W only)

What is Thinking Day story                        (color) or  (B&W)


Here's what's in the templates

What is Thinking Day Activity Instructions

Give the girls the instructions on what to do when certain words are spoken.  Give the helper leader(s) this sheet so they can help remind the girls when they should be doing their actions.

The girls should stand for this activity and should have a partner – if you have an odd number of girls, the helper leader can partner with one of the girls.  Otherwise the helper leader can have an imaginary partner.

Have one leader read the “Information about Thinking Day” sheet.  Pause a bit when the children should be doing an action and/or do the action while reading the story.


Thinking Day

Tap the side of your head and look thoughtful


Say, “Happy Birthday!” and blow out imaginary candles

Party or Parties

Say, “Yahoo!” with one hand raised in the air

Lord Baden-Powell


Lady Baden-Powell



Make a bridge with a partner

Boy Scouts

Hold up two fingers and say, “Be Prepared”

Girl Scouts

Say, “Girl Power!” with fisted hands on hips


Shake hands with your partner


Spin in a circle (like a globe)


What is Thinking Day Story

What is Thinking Day?

Thinking Day is a very special birthday.  It is the birthday of Lord Baden-Powell and Lady Baden-Powell.

What Do We Do on Thinking Day?

On Thinking Day, girls all over the world have parties to celebrate Lord Baden-Powell and Lady Baden-Powell’s birthdays.  On this special birthday we think of the Sparks, Brownies and Guides all over the world.  And they think of us in the same way on this day.

Who are Lord and Lady Baden-Powell?

Lord Baden-Powell was born in England about 150 years ago!  When he was an adult he wrote a book about camping, first aid, animals and lots of other things.  He called this book “Scouting for Boys”.  Lots of boys in England bought the book.  They loved it so much, they started little groups called Boy Scouts.  In the groups they did all the activities Lord Baden-Powell talked about in his book and they talked to their friends about how much fun it was.  In just a little while, Boy Scout groups began popping up all over the world.

Lord Baden-Powell had no idea how many boys there were in these groups so he decided to call them all together for a big party in London.  He invited ‘anyone doing Scouting’ to come to the party.  Was he ever surprised when eleven thousand boys showed up.  But he was even more surprised by the small group of girls that came as well!

Lord Baden-Powell stood in front of the girls and asked, “Who are you?”

Together they replied proudly, “We are the Girl Scouts.”

Lord Baden-Powell’s sister Lady Agnes Baden-Powell was at the party too.  She smiled at the girls, then turned to Lord Baden-Powell and said, “It looks like you’re going to have to have to write a book for the girls too.”

“Hmmm.  How about you doing it, Agnes?” replied Lord Baden-Powell.

And so Lady Agnes Baden-Powell wrote a handbook for the girls.  Over time younger girls wanted to join in the fun too, so the Brownies were formed.

Just like the Boy Scouts, the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts spread all over the world!