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Greek Gods

WHY you ask...

Well, the Olympics started in Greece.  The 12 main greek gods were called "the Olympians".  I found it fun to tie this in when talking to my girls about the Olympics so thought I'd share.

olympic coloring page 

Olympic Coloring Pages

preschoolers and up

olympic rings craft

Olympic Rings Paper Cup Craft

preschoolers and up

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Olympic Torch Crafts

Elementary school and up

olympic torch craft 

Olympic Torch Scissor Skills Craft

preschoolers and up

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Team Colors Cheering Section

Many different countries to choose from -- great for the Olympics!

sports buddies

Sports Buddies: 

Billy Basketball Paper Craft

Sammy Soccer Paper Craft

Tammy Tennis Paper Craft

Tommy Table Tennis Paper Craft

Vicky Volleyball Paper Craft

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