Storyteller Delia's Q&A

Meet Our Storyteller!

Our storyteller Delia's Q&A

Learn more about Delia our storyteller through this Q&A video where she answers many interesting questions!

Where are you from?

I was born in Langley, BC; and I grew up in St. Catherine’s, Ontario; and now I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!

What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour? My favourite colour is purple. It used to be pink, and for a while it was red, but it is purple.

What was your favourite movie?

My very favourite movie when I was a kid? It’s a toss up between the Little Mermaid, and The Last Unicorn, I loved them both very, very much.

Did you play sports?

I did several sports when I was younger. I was a huge fan of softball; I played softball for years all the way into high school, and I also was a figure skater and a dancer. My favourite dance style was when I was little was ballet, but now I really really like jazz dance and I’m not good at hip-hop, I still like to do it even though I’m not good at it… sometimes it’s fun to do things that we’re not good at that are good challenges to learn!

What is your favourite cookie?

While I love a good chocolate chip, I’m also very partial to a peanut butter cookie, absolutely!

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