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Puss In Boots

A young man named Jean feels abandoned after his older brother inherits his father's land and farm, leaving him with only the family cat. In a fit of hunger, he finds himself about to eat the family cat... however, that is when it begins to talk to him, promising Jean a fortune that will rival his brother's!

Image of the storyteller telling the story of Puss In Boots.

Puss In Boots

© Written by Tasha Guenther and dramaturge by Delia

There once was young man, named Jean. He lived with his brother and his father. When his father grew old, he left his estate to his eldest son and to his youngest son, Jean, he gave him the family cat. Jean was furious that his brother gotten so much and he gotten so little.

Jean continued to live with his brother but refused to help around the farm. And as a result, his brother did not share with him any of the food from the land nor the profits. Jean was hungry and desperate and he even thought about eating the cat. Just then the cat began to speak!

“Young sir!” he said. Jean withdrew in horror. “I shall make you the richest man in all the land, and I, your favourite cat,” he purred.
Jean leaned closer.

“Well, What would you have me do?” he asked.

“Ah, you leave the do-ing to me! But… give me those boots you’re wearing right meow.” the cat demanded.

The young man did just as the cat asked; the cat put on the boots. “You’re a puss in boots!” Jean exclaimed.

“I look purrrrrfect,” Puss replied, and off he went on his merry way to make the poor man rich.

Puss went to the gardens outside the infamous ogre, Grimalkan’s castle. He played dead beside the vegetables, with the large carrot tucked under his tail, and waited.

Lo and behold, a large rabbit hopped by, wary of the cat. But thinking the cat was dead, the rabbit went about his business in the garden. Suddenly, Puss awoke, bonked the rabbit on the head with the large carrot and stuffed him in the sack.

“What a lovely present for the king!” Puss said.

He then headed west, entered the king’s palace and bowed elegantly and presented the sack to His Majesty.

“Oh, my! What a large rabbit – so hard to catch! Where must I send my gratitude to for these fine gifts?” the king asked.

“Why, the Marquis of Carabas, Your Highness! He sends his very best,” Puss replied.

“I will surely visit him on my upcoming travels of the kingdom. Where does he live?” the king asked.

“Why, in the large castle to the east, of course. The one with the extravagant gardens in front,” Puss replied, describing Grimalkan’s home. He bowed again, elegantly, clicked his boots, and headed on his merry way.

Puss passed Grimalkan’s gardens and walked up to the main castle gates. Without knocking, he crept inside. He entered the castle and deliberately walked loudly around with his boots.

“WHO GOES THERE?” Grimalkan screeched.
“Why, it’s Puss, of course! I am looking for the great Grimalkan who can transform into anything.” Puss said, slyly.

“I AM GRIMALKAN,” the ogre shouted. “You can’t be Grimalkan, he can turn into anything, even a lion!” Puss dared the Ogre.
“I’ll show you,” the Ogre bellowed. Grimalkan turned into a mighty lion. He roared loudly.

“My, my, my! How impressive. Yes, impressive indeed! Bet you can’t turn into something small! I bet you could never turn into a mouse.” Puss said.
The lion roared, angrily, feeling offended. And with that, Grimalkan transformed into a mouse. Puss revealed his true intelligence and attacked the mouse, eating him up.

Puss clicked his boots and went on his merry way to find the young man once more.
He brought Jean to the now vacant castle and informed him of his new identity, as the Marquis of Carabas.

Jean stared at Puss with wide eyes. He was gladder than ever that he had not killed this cat.
When the king visited the castle, the “Marquis of Carabas” acted elegantly as ever with Puss at his side. The King was so impressed he returned with his daughter.

Jean was married the following week, having fallen deeply in love with the princess. The two lived happily ever after. The young man was now the richest in all the land thanks to his favourite cat, Puss in Boots.



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