DaedalusThe King didn’t really have to think too long about it.  He knew right away that he didn’t want to let either Daedalus or Icarus go.  Who could know whether Icarus would have his father’s talents – after all Icarus had watched and learned from his father for his entire life.  Under no circumstances did he want another kingdom to get their hands on the mechanical wonders Daedalus created and that Icarus might someday produce.

Weeks later, King Minos returned to Daedalus with his answer, “Icarus provides the greatest service to our realm by keeping you company here.”

“But sire,” began Daedalus.

“Enough!” roared King Minos, “The decision has been made.  I will have no arguments.”

heart brokeDaedalus turned to Icarus to explain that there was nothing to be done but when he saw the look of utter despair on his son’s face, Daedalus’ heart broke and he vowed that he would do everything in his power to make his boy happy again.

But what to do …



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