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Jewish BlueHannukah Basket

I'm not Jewish, but have had a lot of requests for Jewish crafts.  I've tried my best to do a bit of research and these Hanukkah cone baskets are what I've come up with.

Basket 2 is a dreidel theme.  Have the kids look closely at the letters on the cone and see if they can make out the words (hey, shin, gimel, nun).

The basket decorations go with Basket 1.  There are some more traditional decorations (like a dreidel, a menorah, and the star of david) as well as a couple favorite characters playing with dreidels.  I thought the kids might get a kick out of seeing some Jewish favorite friends (see the image on the side of this blurb for the type of thing I'm talking about).

If you want an idea of what these cones end up looking like, take a peek at the May Day basket.




Template (Decorations - Optional)   (color)   or   (B&W)

Template (Basket 1 - plain)   (color)   or   (B&W)

Template (Basket 2 - dreidel)   (color)   or   (B&W)


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