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Dutch (Netherlands) Friends

Dutch FriendsI wasn't exactly sure (other than wooden shoes and tulips), how to dress these characters.  I remember going on a tour of the Netherlands when I visited Europe and seeing a fisherman by the border in Holland who was dressed like this (truth be told, I think he was "posing" for the tourist buses)...  Hopefully I've done ok.  My grandma's from the Netherlands, so I'll have to print this out and get her stamp of approval!

I've provided a template of clothes and accessories that you can add to most of the Favorite Friends or Animal toilet paper roll crafts.  So, make yourself one of about 100 possible Dutch toilet paper roll critters like Blue's Clues, Pikachu, a mouse, a hippo, a panda bear...  You get the idea!




Dutch Friends Template   (color)   or   (B&W)


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