Mexican Holidays and Traditions 

Thanks to Guadalupe for sharing this with us!

My name is Guadalupe, I am Mexican and I am 34 years old and I can tell you a bit of our Traditions and Holidays.

Mexicans are very religious people.  About 500 years ago, Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, appeared to Juan Diego, an Indian and told him her name was SANTA MARIA DE GUADALUPE (Saint Mary of Guadalupe) and instructed him to visit the highest Priest and ask him to build a Church for her to be adored. Juan Diego did as he was told but nobody believed him.  Then Virgin Mary visited him once more and asked him to go to a nearby hill and to gather some roses and to take them to the Priest and that they would believe him now.  He did as he was told.  At the top of the hill he found the prettiest roses he had ever seen and considering they were not in season, he was sure he wouldn't have any trouble now.  When he took the roses to the Priest he had them gathered in a piece of cloth Indians used as a coat (like a cape but with the knot at the front) and he dropped the flowers and saw the Priest kneel down immediately thus the cloth had the Virgin's image printed on it.  Of course the church was built exactly where the Virgin had appeared to Juan Diego.  We celebrate this on December the 12th and that is the most important day in Mexico.  People visit the church from every state and some even go by foot and take several days to do so.

I would say the most important days in our Calendar are:


I hope you find this information helpful.