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finished paper craft
Polish Gwiazdy

Yep, I know, they look a lot like paper snowflakes (but notice they have 8 sides, not 6!).  If you try this craft with children under age 8, you'll likely end up doing most of the work!  (age 6 to 8 can likely do a simplistic version with fewer cuts).  Click here for a larger photo of the construction paper star or here for a larger photo of the white paper star.   Close the photo window when done viewing to return to this screen.

finished paper craftGwiazdy means "stars" in Polish.  This paper cutting craft typically has geometric designs and is from the Kurpie and Lowicz regions of Poland.


  • paper,
  • pencil,
  • scissors


Step one:  turn rectangle into squareInstructions:

Turn your rectangle into a square:  Fold your paper all the way across to make a triangle with a bit hanging over.  Cut off the bit that's hanging over


fold oneFold your square in half (to make a rectangle)


fold threeThen in half again to make a square.  Now fold in half one last time (corner to corner this time) to make a triangle.


cut off topdraw lineDraw a curved line and cut off the top of the triangle.


draw patternDraw a symmetrical design (same on both sides).  Don't draw any cuts all the way through or you'll end up with confetti instead of a star.

cut out patternAnd cut out along the lines you drew.


unfold to see finished craftUnfold and admire your beautiful creation.  


or make out of construction paperYou can make it out of construction paper instead of plain white paper for a bit of variety.



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