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All About Norway Paper Quilt Craft

Norway Paper Quilt CraftThis is a great cut and paste paper craft project for learning about Norway.  It includes some animals, symbolic icons, the flag and a map of Norway.

This turns out to be quite a large project (about 25 inches x 25 inches) and there are lots of templates to print.

Note:  If you'd like a smaller project (both in size and time) do a 4 square quilt instead of a 9 square quilt:  only print templates 1, 2, 4 and 5.

Alternatively, you might like to have a group of children each make a quilt piece or two and then assembling everyone's pieces into one quilt.


Notes about the images:

Image 1:  The European elk (same animal as a moose in North America) is the national animal of Norway.

Image 2:  The term Viking (from Old Norse vĂ­kingr) is customarily used to refer to the Norse (Scandinavian) explorers, warriors, merchants, and pirates who raided, traded, explored and settled in wide areas of Europe and the North Atlantic islands from the late eighth to the mid-11th century.

Image 3:  Vikings used their famous longships to travel as far east as Constantinople and the Volga River in Russia, and as far west as Iceland, Greenland, and Newfoundland, and as far south as Al Andalus.

Image 4:  The polar bear is an arctic animal found in parts of Norway.

Image 5:  The flag of Norway has a dark blue cross with a white border on a red background.

Image 6:  The Coat of Arms of Norway is a crowned, golden lion holding an axe on a red background.  It is often referred to as the "Norwegian lion".

Image 7:  Fishing remains an important industry in Norway with many of their traditional recipes (such as Lutefisk) being fish based.

Image 8:  Oslo is the capital city of Norway.  It is a long narrow country, mostly coastline, containing many glacial fjords.

Image 9:  In Norse mythology,  trolls are frequently described as being extremely old, very strong, but slow and dim-witted.  They remain close to nature (dark forests, especially) and are said to turn to stone in the sunlight.  Tourist shops throughout Norway sell lots of different cute little troll figurines.



Top Border Template       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 1       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 2       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 3       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 4       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 5       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 6       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 7       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 8       color  or   B&W

Quilt Square Template 9       color  or   B&W

Optional Fringe Template       color  or   B&W

Optional Info About the Images        B&W only


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